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A money printing Instrument (legal & limitless) running for you 24/7 even in the worst global meltdown

A kind of time-sensitive offer that can turn your ideas into paychecks and protect your future forever by building a digital product business.


WiFi Money Machine

Here’s a small peek of what’s inside

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WiFi Money Machine




Nov. 1s to Nov. 22

Who's this for?

Content creators, course sellers, influencers.

your mentors

Alexander Cortes

Alexander is a personal trainer, dancer, writer, and solo entrepreneur.

His entire life has been enthralled by the power of the mind/body and the potential of human beings.

He’s sold nearly $1,000,000 in eBooks in the last 3 years.

Jose Rosado

Jose Rosado is a multi-six-figure business owner who works from a country most can’t place on a map, The Dominican Republic.

Today he makes his living selling digital products and coaching others on how to achieve similar results.

What you get

Cohort + Video Course + Templates + Community

3-Week Cohort

We'll cover in-depth information on how to setup your WiFi Money Machine.

Video Course

Over 5 hours of content on how to build a brand and create and sell digital products.


Posts templates, emails templates, sales templates. Templates everywhere.

Private Community

You'll get instant access to the WiFi Money Hub, our private Discord channel.

Cohort Structure

Sessions: 7x live Zoom sessions over the course of 3 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm EST.

Session length: 1 hour + optional after hours

Content availability: All live sessions will be recorded and available forever.

Community: Lifetime access to a private Discord server, the WiFi Money Hub.

Instructors: Alexander Cortes and Jose Rosado.

How to decide where to post content.

Picking your topics.

The content mindset to never struggle with generating ideas.

What people actually want to read from you.

A simple market research method.

How To Write Effortlessly

The perfect content pipeline.

How to generate ideas quickly.

My process to create content.

How I create content for Instagram.

Bonus: Look over my shoulders as I create content.

Marketing VS Content

Creating A Market

Mimetic Marketing

Become A Cult Leader

The tools I use to create schedule content on Twitter and Instagram

How to automate lead generation with Twitter.

How to automate lead generation with Instagram.


10-min crashcourse about the best tweet scheduler

A free app to schedule on Instagram

Easy-to-follow process to create digital products.

How to launch your digital products.

How to create a sales page.

How to write sales emails.

How to promote your digital products on social media.

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Join the upcoming cohort

WiFi Money Machine

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